5 things YOU should be better at!

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Hi there! I've been working on a reminder to myself about things I need to be better at, and when I finished it, I looked at it and thought that maybe it could help other people as well, so I wanted to share it with y'all because as you know I care about you guys sososo much.
1. Be yourself!
This is the most important thing. It's your life, so why not show the world who you really are? If someone's trying to change you, please remember that they're not worth your time if they don't like "the real you".

2. Don't be afraid of what anybody thinks

The next thing after "Be yourself" is "Don't be afraid of what anybody thinks". What you guys don't know, is that I actually think a lot about what I share on the internet and the only reason is, I'm so damn afraid of what people think of me. This is my number one thing I need to be better at.

3. Be a more positive person
Always remember to be positive! It makes you happy and people around you, so why not?!

I guess we all have heard this before - but it's just so important to feel confident about yourself and your body. You know what? You look beautiful today! Even if you're sitting in pyjamas with messy hair and no makeup like me today, you're beautiful!

5. Smile, laugh and be happy!
Go watch your favorite tv-show, go do things you love like walk with your dog, paint, dance.. I guess you know better than me, what you love to do, right?

Do you have more things to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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