New in: Bomber Jacket

Black bomber jacket
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Hola chicas! Am I right when I say there's nothing like buying new clothes? I love that feeling, haha! I just bought my first bomber jacket ever and I'm so excited for it to arrive! I was actually looking for a leather jacket, but I seriously couldn't find one that I liked and it's so weird since you can get leather jackets almost everywhere but well, now I'm trying the bomber jacket trend out and see if it's something I'm gonna fall in love with - it's always good to try something new! I can't wait to show you a lot of styles with the jacket and yes, I'm gonna start shooting outfit pictures again soon!

What do you think about bomber jackets? Do any of you own one yourself?

Hej mine skønne. Kan vi blive enige om, der er intet som følsen af at købe noget nyt tøj? Jeg elsker det, haha! Jeg har lige købt min første bomber jakke, og jeg er så spændt på at få den hjem. Siden min gamle læderjakke var gået totalt i stykker, fordi jeg havde brugt den så meget, prøvede jeg at finde en ny læderjakke, men jeg kunne simpelthen ikke finde en, der levede op til mine krav - jeg troede ikke det var muligt at være kræsen over for læderjakker, men det beviste jeg det var. Min nødløsning endte med at blive denne fine bomber jakke, og det er jo altid godt at prøve noget nyt.

Hvad synes I om bomber jakker? Er der nogle af jer, der selv ejer en?

My morning routine

Hola chicas! Today I wanted to share a more personal post, and thought it would be fun to share my morning routine with you, so let's just get started!

The first thing I do in the morning when my alarm goes off is to start my morning playlist on Spotify, sometimes I also go check my Instagram, but I try my best not to do that because I know that it's not the best for my eyes to look at a screen in the morning. When I finally decide to get out of bed, I make myself some breakfast. I can't eat much early in the mornings, but I do take a slice of healthy bread (I like to eat the Danish bread called "rugbrød", shoutout to my danish readers!). After that, I do my skincare routine and brush my teeth. 

Now it's time for me to find the perfect outfit. Some days I know exactly what I want to wear that specific day, but most of the time I have that "why don't I have anything to wear" feeling, haha! A lot of my clothes is from, and you already know it's my favorite webshop because they literally have everything! I also make sure to check out if there're any current discount codes, which is a lifesaver!

After I've found the perfect outfit for that day, I'm doing my makeup which is my favorite thing to do in the morning! I recently discovered the webshop which sells everything a makeup lover needs, and of course also have discount codes to find there! If anyone wonders why I don't put on makeup after my skincare routine, it's because I give the products time to really "get in" my skin. After applying my makeup I grab my bag and are ready to start the day!

What's your favorite thing to do in the morning?

Note to my Danish readers:
Som I ved, er jeg ambassadør for som jeg er vildt glad for, fordi jeg kan give jer en masse fede fordele! Rabble har nettop lavet en konkurrence, hvor én kan vinde et gavekort til Asos på 1000 kr! Konkurrencen går ud på der på mandag (19 septempber 2016) mellem kl. 16:00-18:00, bliver lagt en kode ud på Rabbles hjemmeside, I skal så være klar med jeres skoppingkurv på Asos, så I kan sætte koden ind, og håbe på at du er den heldige! Alt held og lykke herfra <3
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My Current Obsession

Overknee Boots

I've been loving overknee boots since day one and fell even more in love with them when I found out lace up overknee boots were a thing.. Can we talk about how amazing they are? There's many ways you can style overknee boots, and always looks chick - my favorite combo is overknee boots with skirts or dresses, but you can also make it look great with an everyday outfit like the picture on the collage, I love that look!

Do you like overknee boots? Let me know in the comments!


My favorite haircare products

Hi loves! Today I'm gonna show you my 3 favorite haircare products, because I absolutely love taking care of my hair, and have tried lots of products! I didn't include shampoo and conditioner because honestly my favorites changes all the time, haha!

Schwarzkopf - Gliss, Daily Oil Elixir. This one is seriously amazing! Not only it repairs your hair, but it also gives it that natural shine and leave it soft. The oil can be used as a treatment before washing your hair, on towel-dried hair for care, and as a finishing product for frizz reduction and extra shine, which is mostly what I do.

Sunsilk - Oil Spray. This is also a lovely product! I like that it's a spray, and it really makes my hair feel soft and healthy. I also use this product on days when my hair is really tangled and let it stay for a while before I brush my hair and it works great.

L'Oréal paris - Dry shampoo. I'm so glad that I discovered this dry shampoo, because it's truly amazing! It adds volume to my hair, makes it feel light and clean and the best thing about this product is that it smells soo good! As you know it's not good to wash your hair everyday, so in-between this product is really handy.

Do you have a favorite haircare product?

Happy birthday blog

This day, exactly one year ago I made my first blog post on Hola Thea.. At that time my blog was called "Blog by Thea" but I later changed it because I wanted a more unique name. Being a blogger have taught me a lot of things. First of all, I've learnt how to run my own business, being a real #girlboss! I've met some of the coolest hard working people, who always were ready to help me through this amazing journey. It's crazy how much my little blog have grown and changed over the past year and I couldn't be happier for all the opportunities I've got.

I feel extremely horned that so many people (you lovelies!) enjoy reading my blog, it would never be the same without you, so thank you! It means so much more than you think.

Lot's of love,